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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Big Honkin' Basket!!!


Hi There!

Yesterday, I went to my 3rd Hook-In - WHAT FUN!!!

We all got the 2nd Rotunda rug-hook pattern, of the stained glass skylight, at the Saint John Arts Centre.

I'll probably try a different technique, again, for this one. Once again, they asked that we complete our mini rug and bring it back, to expose for our next Hook-In, next year.

Our Hook-In was held in the Saint John Arts Centre. This time, I was sitting beside the most moving picture that I think I've ever seen.

This fisherman looked either exhausted, or discouraged because they hadn't caught too much lobster.... or perhaps, they had lost one of their fisherman.... or perhaps, he was seasick - look at the waves.

In any case, many of the hookers commented on this picture, by Nicole Wolf.

Well, like most events, there's always the fund raising part. Our Hook-In was no exception.

For 5 dollars, I got 3 tickets.

Up for the draw were 2 baskets FULL of rug hooking stuff and 2 tickets to see the Cirque du Soleil, in my city.


I nearly fell on my butt!!!

I won one of the baskets!!!!!

Inside, there was the cutest little pin...

Some rug hooking notions, as well as a signed copy of "Rags to Riches", signed by the author, a proddy hook, hand made by one of our local artisans.... a sturdy embroidery or rug hooking frame and some binding.

Some beautiful blue toned (felted) wool as well as a skein of GORGEOUS Briggs and Little wool.

A beautiful Celtic pattern!!!

Some white wool, as well as some peach/salmon wool.

Some LOVELY greens and plaids!

Some yarn to rove and other fun pieces!

And some incredible "greys", as well!

Oh.... I also got to finish my
"Funky Chickens".

It's not completely done. Gilbert and I will be doing a "montage" with this one and the wood, for the frame isn't quite ready. *s*

All in all, I had a LOVELY day!!!!


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Cyn ;-) said...

CONGRATULATIONS!, Rosa. What a haul you made, you lucky ducky. I am happy for ya.
Love your Chickens! They are wonderful...
Hugs from one ol' hooker to another! lol