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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brain Worms and More!

Hi There!

No, I haven't fallen off the planet and YES, I've been (keeping) busy and YES, it HAS been keeping me out of trouble.

Any other questions?


I have been busy working on my scrappy 9 patch blocks from Bonnie K. Hunter's book, which, BTW, just yesterday morning I realized that I had taken a picture of Bonnie's other book, instead of the one that I was working on!

I'll try and take a quick "Blog-on-the-Run"
picture of her book, later today.

Friday afternoon, I had a quilty friend
pick up her quilt and drop off a bag of scraps,
for me!!!

It felt like Christmas morning!!!

And, at one point, I told Gilbert, I need to take a picture of her bag of scrappies to post it on my blog and then.... I completely forgot and got lost into the sorting out and cutting strips and, and, and.... HONESTLY, when the table was all cleared off, I stood up, stretched and thought, "DARN! I was going to take a picture of her bag!!!"


Late yesterday afternoon, I was able to continue re-piecing my scrappy nine patch blocks and when I stopped, I was missing (only) 10 more blocks!

Guess what I'll be doing this morning?!??

Remember, this pattern requires 290 scrappy 9 patch blocks!


And as the famous Jean Luc Picard would say....

And THAT'S just ONE one of the reasons
why I LOVE Star Trek so much!


Brain worm of the day?

Red Solo Cups

Heard this song TWICE on the radio and this morning, I woke up with it in my head. It's a silly, but catchy tune!

So, I had to Google it since I wanted to know, for sure, what a "red Solo cup" actually was...

Was surprised at who sang this song but then, once I found out, I said to myself, "Yep, I shoulda guessed that it would be a Toby Keith song!"


Gilbert and I did a couple yard sales, yesterday. First ones of the season.

For 5 bucks, I picked up an old wooden box, filled with lots of paint and craft items.... mostly acrylic paints, 2 packages of polymer(?) clay, oil pastel crayons and other goodies.


Soooo, here's my loosely planned agenda, for the day:

Laundry = Work
Quilting (later) = Play

Hope you have a well a well balanced
Sunday, too!


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Susan said...

Seems as though you got a great find while out shopping.........