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Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Door Closes...

Hi There!

Yesterday was my last official "Vacation Day".

Boy, did the week ever fly by quickly!

But, I really can't complain as we mainly stayed home, saved money and I got to do my favorite thing - playing in my Sewing Studio!!!

Yesterday, I managed to sash all my Batik Blocks....
and completed 2 new blocks.

This is the first time that I've ever made the "Card Trick" block... that I can remember, anyhow... and I think it came out fairly decent, wouldn't you say?


Here's a picture of my Design Wall,
as of yesterday at 5 p.m.

Mid-February, I was told that our office would be closing for good, on the 28th of September 2012.

I was rather upset, to say the least... a few sleepless nights and several conversations in my head, later, I realized that the thing that scared me the most was the "un-certainy".

What will I do? Can I survive financially? And if not, at my age, who would hire me? And if they did, would I be able to keep up with the training and/or a new job?!??!

*insert biting fingernails*

And finally, I told myself, "Rosa.... STOP worrying! What will happen, will happen. Worrying won't help matters, anyhow!"

And, I've ALWAYS tried to focus on the glass being half full as opposed to it being half empty.


You know what they say?

When one door closes - another one opens.

That's all folks, for now.

Have a Super Saturday!



Pat from Florida said...

Oh Rosa! Just saw that new time ticker and went searching posts for an explanation. Yes it's the uncertainty, I'm sure, that's the worst. Keep positive, dear friend.

tich said...

We are all behind you! You will be great!

Susan said...

That is hard news to take.... But in September you will be off to a new adventure......... It will be interesting to see what comes along for you......

Holding you up in prayer.

Elly D said...

Dear Rosa, don't worry, que sera sera.. as the song goes. I'm sure you'll do just fine...of course I already know there'll be other possibilities for you ;) and as Rosemary has said we'll be behind you!

Nevertheless, the uncertainty will be unsettling for you.