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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I've Been Quiet But Busy....

Hi There!

Well, I managed to make 18 batik blocks before I got bored.


They're still on my design wall and YES.... the buyer is patiently waiting for her quilt but GOSH DARN.... You can't force creativity, right?!?!?

This creative person needed a break!

Soooo, since I had a lot of left over scraps and I try to keep these under a manageable pile, I decided to go to my new Quilt Idol.... Bonnie K. Hunter!

And, after a few minutes of page flipping, I decided to do "Rick Rack Nines", with my scraps.

My container of 3 blocks...

This is Monday's picture.

As of this evening, I now have 175 scrappy nine patch blocks, sewn up!

Blocks are cut at 2 inches.

Any fabric "strips" that are smaller than 2 inches, I try to cut into 1-1/4 inches, for that Lego Quilt.... And, yes, that's yet another "on-going" project.

Smaller than 1-1/4 inch?
Well, I call 'em "slivers" -
Slivers go directly into the garbage.

Now, here's a picture of my scrap pile which I'm slowly cutting into those 2 inch strips and ....


As you can see, Bro is all back in one piece!!!

About 1 hour after I had posted those pics of (skeletal) Bro, Gilbert found the problem.... A "bushing" had seized, near the manual wheel. He greased it up and un-seized it and "Bro" is just like NEW!!!

And as much as I appreciated and love my Featherweight, it still wasn't "Bro"....

One more day and then it's the weekend!!!!



Pat from Florida said...

A bushing had seized???? What language is that? Whatever! Glad Bro is back. We all need a Gilbert. Just sayin'.

Elly D said...

Glad you knight in shining armour was able to fix your 'bro' :)))
That is some scrap quilt your setting out doing!!
Good luck with the commission quilt.. it's so hard making something for a commission.. because it's something you HAVE to do.