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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bro's On the Operating Table...

Hi There!

Yesterday morning, "Bro", my Brother sewing machine was having mini seizures. That's the best way that I can explain it.

Obviously, Bro wasn't in any condition to sew!

So, I removed the bobbin, Bro's bobbin plate and cleaned it out as best as I could. Then, I changed the needle and put another bobbin of thread, just in case it was a case of Bro suddenly becoming allergic to my thread - Don't ask.... I'm not usually superstitious but who knows, eh?!?? LOL

Well, none of this worked.

I then had to ask Gilbert to put on his Doctor hat and see if he could open up Bro and find out the problem.

The side turning wheel - you know - the wheel that you use to make your machine run manually? Well, it's INCREDIBLY stiff... almost impossible to turn.

Anyhow, he's using the compressor and digging out all sorts of crap.... and oiling, as he's going along but so far, it's not really helping.

Keep your fingers crossed.

For now, I'm using my Featherweight.

(picture below taken from my archives)

Hope your Sunday's better than mine!




Craftluver Marianna said...

Sorry to hear Bro is so sick! Did the flu bug bite him too? Maybe the repair shop can handle it? Although I think Gilbert can be the repairman himself most of the time! Hope it will be ok soon! Nothing is so disturbing as having a sewing machine fail you!

tich said...

Poor thing! There is nothing worse than a machine that does not work!! You cannot settle. It is like getting an arm cut off! Hope Gilbert's magic fingers do the work soon!!

Pat from Florida said...

Ouch! Poor Bro!