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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Inklingo 101

Hi There!

I don't know about you but I'm the type that needs to SEE things to believe it!  I need to put my hand onto that object, or push the buttons myself, to learn and remember and KNOW how to "do it".

Unfortunately, some of us will sit on the fence and stay undecided - uncertain about the "unknown".  And we sometimes tend to over-think things.

Okaaaaay.... back in November, I started doing the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt with Bonnie Hunter.

When it came time to do the Quarter Square Triangles, the majority of my pieces were done with Inklingo.  I had grabbed my camera and decided to take some pics, of my progress.

Sharing baby-step-by-baby-step pics with you, today, so that, hopefully, your private light bulb goes off in your head and you say, in awe, like me... 




 # 1

Get your freezer paper out and cut out a 
8-1/2 "  X   11 "  piece.

My Personal Tip:
This is NOT rocket science and you don't need to sweat if its not EXACTLY those measurements.  Most printers are forgiving on this.

If you've never used Freezer Paper before, here's a suggestion.  The paper itself can usually be reused many times before it stops "sticking" to fabric. 

In other words, if you take the time to cut out a piece of 8-1/2 " X 11", don't throw it out afterwards.  This sheet can be used many more times!

 # 2

Iron your freezer paper to the RIGHT SIDE of your fabric.

My Personal Tip:
Select a white or ivory fabric for your first time.  You'll eventually be able to gauge what color fabrics work best with printer ink colors.

 # 3

Now that your freeze paper is stuck to your fabric, trim it down, once again to 8-1/2 " X 11 ".

My Personal Tips
Linda Franz (and others) say the results are better if you pre-wash your fabric.  I've never pre-washed and I've never really had a problem.  
Its your call on this point.


Go to your computer and select the shape and ink color that you'll want to print.  
Inklingo shapes are in PDF format.

My Personal Tips
You might want to print the shape that you've selected on a regular blank piece of paper.... just to test it out, first.

Did I not tell you I would be doing baby-step pictures????

Here's the shapes that I selected and what it looks like on my monitor...

 # 5

Put your fabric/freezer paper sheet in your printer.

Gosh!  I wish you could have seen Gilbert and I do this the first time.  Both of us are Doubting Thomases and NEITHER of us believed it would work, but it DID!!!

 Here's the printed result, on my WOW (white on white) fabric.

Since you ironed the freezer paper on the RIGHT side of your fabric, the printed lines are on the WRONG side.

My Personal Tip
These print lines WASH away!

 # 6

For this shape, I needed black and white fabric but I KNEW that the lines would be difficult to see on the black fabric.

Now here's the REALLY neat thing with Inklingo!

You get precision fine lines, for a perfect result and you don't need to sweat and labor to get these perfect results!

See my picture down below?

I just cut an approximate size of "black" fabric and put it underneath my white fabric, stuck a few pins in the corners and then, I started to sew on the dotted lines!

Easy Smeasy!

My Personal Tip
Now, here's the cool thing about Inklingo.

You have TWO choices on how to sew your pieces!
(don't you just LOVE choices?!?!?)

You can hand sew these pieces or sew them by machine!!!

For this project, I chose to machine piece.   I'll show you, later this week, the beauty of hand sewing some of these Inklingo shapes.

 Now, in THIS picture, since I was doing the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt and I needed to use a lot of scraps as well, I just took a piece of leftover black fabric, eye-balled it and placed it under my printed Inklingo white fabric and then, sewed the pieces together.

 # 7

Once the pieces are all sewn on the DOTTED line, you cut along the SOLID line.

Once again, I was worried and my Doubting Thomasina was popping up.... but it worked PERFECT!!!

My Personal Tip

You can cut your pieces with scissors or with your rotary cutter.  I prefer the scissors.  More relaxing and I feel there's less chance of making a cutting mistake. *s*


In this picture, I decided to show you how to cut and separate these pieces with a rotary cutter.... but I'm positive you all knew how to do that anyhow, right?


Just another "Baby-Step" picture...
Here is what the piece looks like.

# 8

Open it up and iron it.


Now, I'm just showing you ONE pieced half square triangle, but with just one 8-1/2" X 11: sheet of freezer paper/fabric combo, I was able to quickly make ... oh I don't know?... perhaps 80 to 100 of these pieces!!!

Hope this explains what Inklingo's all about!

Linda's recent blog shows you how to machine sew 
the New York Beauty shapes, by machine!

My Personal Tip
I would try out one of her FREE collections first and WHEN - notice I didn't type "if"??? - you decide to purchase one of her shapes, please tell her that I sent you along... it would tickle me pink to know that I've converted you to Inklingo and, as I'm an Inklingo affiliate, I will receive recognition for my efforts.


You can click on the heart, to go to the web site. You can also visit Linda Franz's blog, at: .

Have a great day!


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Cathie in UT said...

Very nicely done Rosa and you make it so understandable!
I will agree that Inklingo is a wonderful system and it's pretty hard to mess it up! LOL