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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Inklingo's Double Wedding Ring Shape!!!

Hi There!

With the wedding season looming in front of us,
have you ever wished you could make
 an (easy) Double Wedding Ring quilt,
for your son/daughter or best friend? 

Inklingo is your solution!!!

Linda Franz even has a
(contest ends Saturday, May 12th)


She created this incredibly beautiful video.
She's says there's probably over 50 different
Double Wedding Ring patterns in this video!!!
 (psssssssttt.... don't let these beautiful complexe-looking quilts scare you - that's the beauty of Inklingo....  The quilts look complicated but they're actually quick and easy,
with Inklingo's precision lines.

Here's what you'll need to get started.
(I've listed the items from most complicated to the simplest.)

1 - Fabric.
(I always spend a good 1/2 hour 
digging through my stash to decide what I want.
This is the most complicated part.)

2 - Freezer Paper (FP)
(You can buy a box of FP at the grocery store. 
Cut it to 8-1/2" X 11")

3 - InkJet Printer
 (Nothing fancy. If you really MUST buy a new one, get a CHEAP one!  Remember, you don't need a fancy InkJet Printer for Inklingo!)

4 - Sewing Machine or your favorite hand sewing
 needles and thread as well as your scissors.
(Duh!  if you're a quilter, I'm POSITIVE you have one of these)

6 - An iron.
(And again - you probably already have one,
 if you're a quilter.
You'll need to iron the FP to your fabric.)

5 - A computer
(Once again, if you're reading this, 
I'm guessing you have a computer.)

6 - An Inklingo shape collection.
(in this case, it could be the 
Double Wedding Ring!)


How easy is that?!?!?

You've probably got ALL of these 6 items
'cept for the Inklingo shape, right?

When you've decided to get OFF the fence and 
pick up your first Inklingo shape collection,
please tell them that I sent you.

Or, you can click on this
Double Wedding Ring:

Hope you're gearing up
for a Wonderful Weekend!!!



Cyn ;-) said...

Nice post, Rosa.
Anyone who tries Inklingo always follows with an "aha" moment... this is so easy!

marieJ' said...

Hi Rosa
Thanks for posting about DWR Inklingo way..
I'm just about to select fabric and than off I go..just hope printer will behave lol
Looking forward following you and sharing my wedding rings

Wedding Bands said...

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