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Saturday, May 5, 2012

What Was I Thinking???

Awake at 4h30 a.m.

In car to pick up 2 Timmies, at 5h30 a.m.

In studio to continue piecing quilt top, at 7h30 a.m.!!!

At 2 p.m., I'll probably be looking at my bed or wondering, "Where's the Red Bull???"




Susan said...

You have so much accomplished already that you can go to sleep.

Susan In Texas said...

Hi Rosa,

Long time, no see! I've been reading your posts to catch up. Sorry about your office closing, but it looks like you have been quilting full-time for a while now. Here's hoping you can make that pay. My husband & I have been crazy busy with his Dad's house. This is our first weekend home in about 3 months. No sewing at ALL this year so far. It's good to see that you have been so productive. Your latest creations look awesome and I just love the scrappy on-point one you're working on now.

Take care,
Susan in Texas