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Sunday, January 20, 2013

At the End of Easy Street - Almost...

 Hi There!

Yesterday, I finally finished this year's "Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt", called "Easy Street".

Well, just the quilt top... so far.

Gilbert and I had it on Bertha, our Gammill Longarm, for a photo shoot.

 It measures 98" - square.

And here's one where you can see the (scrappy) borders.

Because I HATE running out of pieced blocks, I usually make 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 ... or more pieces.  

Yes, I know. 

I'm a sucker for punishment!

AND, because I had pre-cut a whole bunch of triangles, pinned them on my design wall and when I needed them... I didn't SEE them... 

Sooooo, I went and cut a whole bunch more triangles!

*long sigh*

I ended up with a bunch of "Orphan" blocks, as well as a whole bunch of triangles and decided to use these, on the back of the quilt... 

A la Bonnie Hunter!!!

More extra pieces...

Today, at 4h30 p.m., I finally used up all of my Orphan blocks without having to cut too much more.

And HEY!

Here's something I gonna try, from now on.

I'm gonna make a set of pillow cases with left over fabrics.


Two gray pillow cases, with a 1 inch strip of lime green and gorgeous turquoise / sky blue polka dot fabrics.

Tomorrow, I plan on pulling out my big chunks of purples, turquoises and limes/apple greens and make a complete, solid back.

Will post a picture once the back is completed.

Have a great week!



Barb said...

What a smart the quilt!

Mary said...

It looks wonderful. Love yours.

My Life and Quilting on the Cape said...

Hi Rosa.. The quilt (Easy Street) is beautiful... I never though to use those color together... I just love how it came out... Hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Rosa, Great idea adding your link to the comment section of the linky page. Your top turned out beautiful. I look forward to seeing it quilted. I have no idea how I will quilt mine.
I am with you on making the pillow cases to coordinate. I plan to do this, but not sure if I want to make a block for each of 2 pillow cases or just do like you described.
Happy Stitching!
~June in AZ

ANudge said...

Looks great! I, too, missed the deadline, but I'm going to finish it.