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Thursday, January 3, 2013

FINALLY... Step 7 Really and Truly Finished!!!

Don't ask how - I wouldn't be able to explain how I did this, but do these 2 triangle patterns look the same?!!?!

I thought that I had completed Step 7 but omitted to read and LOOK at Step 7 properly and SEE that I needed to make TWELVE of these outter edge triangles!!!

Anyhow, they're now done and I can move onto Step 8... The Final Frontier.

Yes, I'm somewhat of a Trekkie.



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Susan In Texas said...

That's turning out really cool, Rosa. I love the colors you've put together; I never would have thought of them myself. Sometimes I get a little tired of all the girly pink pastels I see in blogland; the strong, retro colors make more of an impression because they are so much more rare! I look forward to see it all done. And you're doing so much these days, my Valentine bear army salutes you!