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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Step 8 - Blocks and Tris ALL Pieced!!!

 Hi There!

This afternoon, around 2 p.m., I think I literally "High Fived" myself!!!

For those of you out of the loop, I'm blogging about Bonnie Hunter's latest Mystery Quilt, called "Easy Street".

I finally finished piecing 4 small (corner) triangles, 16(?) outer edge triangles, 9 (star) blocks and 16 blocks. From a distance, the 16 blocks look like there's a circle in the middle, but its not a circle.

 See what I mean about that "circle" block?

And, when I'm piecing lots of pieces, I sometimes cut or make more than is actually required.

Hence, what I call my "Orphan Blocks". I will definitely be designing something for the back of my quilt with these Orphan Blocks.

PLUS, I screwed up royally on those green triangles!

Can you say Rosa's got HUGE memory problems and throw in loss of vision, as well?!??

Step 7 required that I use a LOT of limey green triangles, that I was SUPPOSED to have cut up in Step 3 or 4, right?  Well, I looked at my design wall and did one of my LONG theatrical sighs 'cause I had completely skipped that step!  Or so I thought.


Sooooo, I cut up the required limey green triangles and sewed up the 16 BIG triangles and did one of those Toyota jumps 'cause I had finished Step 7.

Yesterday, guess who decides to SHOW UP, on my design wall?!?!?

Those (previously cut up) limey green triangles from Step 3 or 4 that I "thought" I had skipped and did NOT see them.... AT ALL... on my design wall!!!

Wake up and smell the coffee.
And try and stay alert!


Hope you have a Wonderful Week!

Tomorrow, I start sewing these blocks and tris!!!


Mary said...

It is looking good. I am going through the steps on mine and found out I was missing pieces to be added to step 2! Haven't even worked on the lime green yet. Soon!!

Pat from Florida said...

Looks great. Blocks can hide in many places, even on your design wall!