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Monday, January 28, 2013

Chocolate Bon-Bons for Valentine's Day!

Hi There!

In between other stuff one does in a household, I managed to finish this banner for Valentine's Day in 2 days.

Now to get it quilted, bound, sleeved and labelled.

Hopefully, it'll be hanging up on our wall before Valentine's Day!



Cyn said...

Really nice, Rosa. It will look fab handing in Bertha's room.

Susan said...

Hello Rosa,

Long time no talk!!! I'm sheepishly raising my head here!! The last two years I haven't sent out Christmas cards to anybody, so I belatedly thank you for your lovely Christmas thoughts.

I posted a recent post on my blog that you might like to read to see what has happened in my last year and a bit!!

I did read a few different blogs, like yours, while I was AWOL. I feel like I fell of the band wagon, and lost touch with the DJ group and so on. I've just told this to Cyn in a comment on her blog. Two nights ago I even got to thinking about the "Basket Case" blocks. I do want to make some more and get that completed.

In the couple of weeks since being back from the trip to Africa and before school starts next week, I've been working on a couple of table runners using fabric I bought in a market in Mwanza, Tanzania. I will do a post on them in due course.

I like the thought of Chocolate Bon-Bons for Valentines Days!!

I do hope I can be accepted back "into the fold" as they say.

God bless,
Susan from Manjimup WA

tich said...

LOVE IT. But you already know that.