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Friday, May 10, 2013

Easy Al Tutorial

 Hi There!

I've finally finished the center of
"Easy Al".

I started working on the "outer" border and should have it all completed by tomorrow or Sunday.

See the mini triangles?

I'll be adding those on the outer border. 

So, while I was working on these blocks, 
I thought, "Hey!  Why not put up pictures with instructions on this quilt?  Kinda like a Tutorial!"

You'll only need to make these 2 blocks...
Several times, of course.

We'll start with the 4 patch.

Cut 3-1/2 inch strips - royal blue and a variety of plaids.

Sew these strips together - side by side.

Once sewn, cut the strips at 3-1/2 inches, into a 2 block.

Then, sew these 2 blocks with another 2 blocks to make a 4 patch block.

I'll give out the exact amount of blocks that I needed for a single quilt....  

Didn't think to take the number done.

But you need to make a bunch of 4 patch blocks.

Next, cut a 6-1/2 inch white background... or beige or white on white or black on white, or whatever.

You need a pale color block, cut at 6-1/2 inch.

Cut some plaid blocks at 3-1/2 inch square and put 'em on the edge of your white 6-1/2 inch block.  Here, I took a chalk line and marked from edge to edge.

Sew along your chalk line and cut 1/4 inch off, once sewn.  

See those 2 pieces of triangles that I cut off?  I saved 'em and that's what I made the mini triangles with.... on the outer border of this quilt.

Here's a picture of one of my mini triangles.

Before I sewed my mini triangles, I squared 'em up to 2-1/2 inches.

Will post final pictures of "Easy Al", once its all quilted and bound.  AND, I'll post the amount of blocks required to make a single quilt.

Have Super Saturday!



Frummie said...

Hi Sweetness,

This looks very doable! Very nice!



tich said...

Great tutorial. Thanks

Anna McCurdy said...

Hey Rosa,
This may well be the quilt that my friend wants to use for the signature wedding quilt.
A few questions - how big is your quilt and how many blocks did you end up with?
do you have any idea how much yardage that you used in the quilt?
I think it would be a very doable quilt and look great in lots of different fabrics.
Thanks for taking the time to share it and answer my questions.
Warmest regards,