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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Thursday and Friday's Activities

Hi There!

Progress Report Time....

Wednesday, as posted on here already, I finished off one of my flowers for my "Asian" quilt.  I still haven't come up with a proper name for this quilt and its made with "South Seas" fabric, so, for now its my "Asian" quilt.

Thursday, I managed to make another flower block, for this quilt.

Here's the flower collection, so far.

I think I need 9 flower blocks for this quilt.

Gilbert had my 1st "Bobby's Quilt" on Bertha,
our Longarm machine!

Its now ready to "bind".
I will post pictures once that's done.

And here's my new quilty project.

Its for my Dad.  His name is rather difficult to pronounce in English, so a lot of people call him "Easy".  He also LOVES his plaid shirts.  My Mom calls them his "Al Borland" shirts - re: "Tool Time" with "Tim, the Tool Man Taylor".  

Remember that show?

Taking all this into account, I've decided to name this quilt

"Easy Al".

By 4 p.m., I had managed to piece 4 rows!

I got the idea for this pattern from a picture of a quilt that I saw in one of my books.

They called it a variation of Jacob's Ladder.   

So far, it's coming together real easy and fairly quickly.  

And I'm lovin' the look of it, too!

This morning, Gilbert and I have a couple quick errands and then, this afternoon.... I am volunteering at our local Quilt Guild show.

Have a Super Saturday!


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