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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Getting Organized - Progress Report

Hi There!

Remember, a while back, I decided to designate certain quilt projects for each day of the week?  Well, here's my progress report and my take on how this "Agenda" has been going.

Yesterday, was my "Dear Jane" day.  

Mind you, I also did errands and did laundry, etc, etc... but managed to finish 3 Dear Jane blocks.

Today, was my "Inklingo" day.

I hadn't done any Inklingo on my laptop, downstairs AND I got a new (Brother) printer in January(?) and had never used it for Inklingo purposes.

Anyhow, it took me about 1 hour to find the Inklingo pattern that I wanted, for my Rose Dream block.  I had to finally write to Linda Franz - I simply could NOT find it!

Soooo, another 1/2 an hour to decide on which quilt I wanted to make...

I mean... HONESTLY!!!!

Just take a LOOK at these gorgeous Rose Dream quilts!!!

And then, ANOTHER 1/2 hour or more, to find the perfect fabrics, in my stash!

By then, it was time for lunch!

Trust me - it never takes this long to print an Inklingo pattern!

Its just that everything that COULD go wrong, went "wrong" today!

*insert wry grin here*

Came back to my Sewing Studio and try and figure out the proper dimensions for this pattern.

Did I mention that I "thought" my ink cartridges were empty and we... I mean Gilbert put in new color cartridges?

FINALLY, at 3h30 I was had printed out a few shapes and managed to finish - almost - 1 of the 4 sections.

I was debating as to whether I should machine piece this quilt or hand piece it.

Hand piecing won!  

I want perfect seams and ... well... 
just a cute and perfect lap quilt!

Here's the pattern that I selected.

Cute, eh?

And who knows, eh?

I just might even hand quilt it, too!


As to my feelings about designating certain days of the week to certain projects....  

I'm not really likin' it.  

For the past 2 years I've forced myself to concentrate on ONE project at a time .... 

And now, it feels like I'm jumping from 1 project to the next.  My heart is now yearning to work on and FINISH the previous day's project!

I'll figure it out.  

At least I'm never bored!


Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Tomorrow's my "Asian Quilt".



Johanne McCullough said...

Love that pattern with the pink oval/petals. Very delicate.

Cyn said...

Your DJ blocks are great. I especially love the dotty fabric! The RoseDream is such a lovely pattern and it's wonderful to have it in Inklingo... gotta love those lines!
I used to have a time finding all my Inklingo d/l's until I made a folder on my Desktop and that's where I keep them all... no more lost files. lol.