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Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday's Progress Report

Hi There!

Remember that "Agenda" that I thought I'd force myself to do?

Well, I tried.  

I seriously did.

And all it did was make me miserable.

Monday was my Dear Jane day,
for example.

Tuesday morning, I would sit there and wish I could work on my DJ but Nooooo....  I "had" to work on Tuesday's project!

I've had previously taught myself to continue a quilty project until the end.  And that's how I manage to FINISH my projects!

This way, I felt like I was a butterfly, flittering from 1 flower to the next!

Sooooo, I've decided that the "Agenda" will be put into effect IF I have no other (recent) project that needs to be finished.

With this in mind, Gilbert quilted "Easy Al" yesterday and this morning, I will do the binding this morning

See?  I'll be able to brag that THIS quilt is finished!

Gilbert took a picture of "Easy Al" on the frame,
once it was finished.

And yesterday, while Gilbert was quilting "Easy Al", I started sashing my Dear Jane blocks to make a good sized lap quilt and managed to add the outer borders, too!

Today, I'll add the label on the back and send it to my Longarmer.... 
(AKA Hubby or Gilbert)...

For the past week, Gilbert and I have been searching for some Bumblebee fabric.  His daughter and her hubby are expecting their first child and have done the baby room in a bumblebee theme.

Do a Google search for Bumblebee fabric and chances are, you'll find the "Bee Happy" line by Henry Glass.  They have a GORGEOUS panel with coordinating fabrics, of course.

Well, we looked high and low, on the internet and ... do we order from a quilt store or from eBay?  Which had the better shipping?  Do they also have the coordinating fabric, to go around the panel, for the back of this baby quilt and for the binding?

Questions! Questions!
Along with...
Decisions.... Decisions....

Finally, I called up our local Fabricville and would you believe - they had the EXACT same panel, with coordinating fabrics?!??

Off to Fabricville to pick up the Bee Happy fabric panel as well as coordinating fabrics!

I was in Quilter's Heaven!!!!

(here, I've added borders to the panel...)

Here's a closeup of one of the bumblebees...

Gilbert and I just need to decide on what to put on the label.  

Then he will quilt his grandchild's quilt.

He said he'd probably do freehand "loops".

He thought it would represent the bee's flight.

Will post pictures later!

Have yourselves a Wonderful Weekend!!!


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