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Sunday, June 29, 2008

DJ - Bangor, Maine, USA

Hi there!

I told you that I had a lot to blog about, today! LOL

Thursday, 26th of June, 2008, a few "Dear Janers" or "Janiacs" got together in Bangor, Maine.

Sheila Belyea kindly sent me a couple pictures of me.
I had simply forgotten to ask someone to take my picture and didn't have any of myself.

Here I am, showing my (finished top only) Dear Jane quilt, to the group.

And here's another one of me, when I managed to calm down.... *grin*
I'm working on my "Angel Quilt".

That's about it.... Had a GREAT time in Bangor!

Oh.. here's Sheila Belyea's blog site:


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Elly D said...

I should be going to bed but decided to take a look on my google reader see who's been busy on their blogs and decided to check yours out. Imagine my surprise to see my name mentioned, LOL.
You're right Gilberts food looks gross!!! However, we do have something similar here it's called cheese and gravy on chips! OR you can have curry sauce instead:-D Yummy.
What happened to your lovely red hair? It's washing out!!!
That sure is a real bargin of a book case. Looks great!!
Buenos Noches!!! Elly