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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gifties - RVJan

Hi there! It's me again.... *grin*

Last Thursday, June 26th, 2008, a few of us -
Dear Janers (AKA: Janiacs) met up,
in Bangor, Maine, USA

One of the Janiacs, RVJan gave me a gorgeous 30's Fat Quarter.
Her DH, made me a lovely pencil holder, from shells that they had collected,
on their travels!

(picture of pencil holder and fat quarter)

RVJan had told me about "Ron Jon's" and even had a pencil,
from there, to share with me! *VBG*

I had told RVJan that the pencil holder would have a
"Place of Honour", in my sewing room!
Please excuse the mess... but it's a WORKING ROOM.

RVJan.... I only wish that I could come up with a nice gifty for you 2,
but I understand your "situation".... *s*

Thanks a bunch!
I so enjoyed our visit and found you both SO fascinating!


P.S. RVJan even gave me a package of John James needles, when she saw that I was using a LONG needle, to hand quilt my "Angel Quilt".... PLUS, she gave me some valuable (freebie..LOL) lessons! Aren't quilters the best?!?? *grin*


Anonymous said...

Rosa was making such lovely quilting stitches with her 3 inch long "pig poker". Now her stitches will be exquisite.

Treasa said...

love your blog . does rvjan have a blog?