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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Misc. - James' Prom

Last Tuesday, June 17th 2008, my youngest son (AKA: my Baby), had his prom.
Of course, he had to rent a tuxedo. *grin*

Thought I'd share a few pics with you... *grin*

This is at our house, before we left for his prom supper...
I took quite a few pictures but thought it best not to put too many on here, not to bore you all!

Here he is, checking his cell phone.
I noticed that a LOT of kids were doing that, that evening!
I mean, COME ON!!! Friends and family were with them, at that time!
Who could possibly have been calling them or text-messaging them, during the evening?!??
I think we, as a society, have created "Cell Phone Addicts"!!! LOL

Okay, you'd think I'd know this by now.... Girls talk a lot and tell EVERYTHING to their Mom's. Boys walk around in the dark and you have to literally PULL TEETH, to get info!
Since I have never been to the photo session and the beginning of the prom evening, I had NO IDEA that we were supposed to dress up!!!
I arrived there with my old pair of jeans and an old t-shirt!!! *groan*
Anyhow, here's a pic of me and James

Another one, of us together....
Somehow, between the both of us, we couldn't figure out how to straighten out his tie.
Oh well.... Prom went on, with crooked tie and all! LOL

Here he is, sitting down.
Their supper was at 1 of the malls, uptown and family and friends
gathered in the mall after their meal, to take photos.

That's it! Didn't want to add too many pics. *grin*

I'm writing this on Saturday morning and this afternoon,
is the graduation ceremony.

Will try and "blog" about it, afterwards. *s*


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