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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Misc. - Saturday Morning Errands - Another outting

Hi there!

Once again, we head off for our Saturday morning errands. And once again, I decide to bring my camera along.

Gilbert needed a few items at the "dollar" store. Now, I don't know about you guys, but we have several different kinds of "dollar" stores, spread across our city: The Great Canadian Dollar Store, Buck or Two and the Dollarama. Now mind you, I might have missed a couple other ones, but off the top of my head, those are the ones we have, and most of these are "repeated", throughout the city. Now, I once asked the manager of these stores and they're "supposed" to have the same identical articles in ALL their chain stores. For example, all Buck or Two Stores are "supposed" to have all the same items.
I disagree.

Anyhow, I digress here, once again. Needless to say, Gilbert and I did quite a few stores, yesterday, because he couldn't find the last item, on his "list".

At one point, I got bored and grabbed a silly chicken/rooster hat and plopped it on my head, remembered that I had the camera with me and shoved it at Gilbert and whispered, "Quick! Take my picture before someone comes along!" LOL

Here's Gilbert at one of his favorite stores: "The Bulk Barn". He buys a lot of stuff there! *grin*
(NOTE: As I was quite a distance away, he wasn't expecting me to take his pic... )

Now, since Gilbert is a vegetarian and I usually follow along - easier that way - when we eat out, we usually go to "Harvey's". They have an EXCELLENT veggie burger, there. Anyhow, we finally get a "Montana's Steak House" in our city and I had seen on the menu that they had veggie burgers. After all our errands were done, I offered to buy us a veggie burger, at Montana's.

I don't think that Gilbert believed me. And he's a bit of a Doubting Thomas, with respect to "veggie burgers". At one point, McDonald's came out with a veggie burger that was SOOOO gross.... waaaaay too salty and peppery.

Anyhow, just before we went into Montana's, I asked Gilbert to "pose" outside. Here, you can see a good part of the "east" end of my city. All of our big box stores are there, or are being built in that area. Kinda bothers me, since I live in the WEST part of my city.

BTW, if you're looking for a HUMUNGOUS and EXCELLENT veggie burger,
try Montana's Steak House!
The service was SUPER - the meal was EXCELLENT....
And for 2 veggie burgers, with pop, it only cost about $24.00.
Not a bad deal, for an FANTASTIC meal, in my opinion.

If you haven't tried a veggie burger, before, I would recommend that you
try a veggie burger at either Harvey's or Montana's Steak House....
You honestly wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
Looks and tastes just like real beef!
And it's less "heavy" on the tummy, too! LOL

Anyhow, that's it for my blog!



Elly D said...

Oh Rosa! You're as daft as a brush, you crack me up!!! LOL

Just love your hat!!! Gilbert looks about as happy as Neil does getting his photo taken. I usually have to wait till he's not expecting it either.

I liked the cartoon, is that you?
Hee Heeeee

Anonymous said...

Hello Rosa,
Love your blog! Love your Chicken Hat! But, I love chickens!
Wonder if the states has a Montana's steak house? I am a vegetarian too!! There isn't anywhere here to find a good one. I buy mine at Wal-Mart. Morning Star Grillers.
Well, I got a big kick out of your cartoon!! That would be my mother!! She is always really doing things like that!!!
Take Care,
Janet M.

Rosa Robichaud said...

Montana's Steak House is USA based, as far as I know. *s*

Bon appetit!