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Saturday, July 23, 2011

And Now, Onto Frummie's Wonderful Mind...

Hi There!

My dear friend, Frummie, sent me a mini quilt for Gilbert and "Bertha" - our Longarm quilting machine - to do their magic.

In her box, she included two cute gifties:

A beautiful sunflower ring pincushion!

Ooooops.... I forgot to mention that SHE and her embroidery machine made this!!!!


And, she also included the cutest machine embroidered rooster, with chicken coop wire fabric, as it's background!!!

All framed and ready to hang up!

I've decided that for now, it will stand up, on our china cabinet...

Thank you Frummie...
from the bottom of my heart!!!!


1 comment:

Frummie said...

Gee, your friend Frummie must be fantastic...LOL!!!!

Glad you like the little gifties.

Love you