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Thursday, July 7, 2011

One Baby Quilt.... Almost Finished...

Hi There!

Well, this quilt's almost finished - I can see the finish line!

I will be adding a 3/4" - finished 1/4" - DARK blue strip, on the border...

And then, a wider light blue strip.

Hopefully, this baby quilt will be adopted
and be much loved.

Today's Thursday.

Some people like to call it Friday Eve.

Some people ALWAYS go to "Spikes",
their favorite bar, on Thursdays.

My dear Mother likes to tease me
and tell me that EVERY day is like Friday to them,
'cause they're retired, of course!


I like to think of it as....
One more "wakey" till the weekend!
One more day of work, for TWO days off!!!

Do you have a special name or tradition,
for Thursdays?


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