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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Repeat After Me.... "ONE Block Per Day"!

Hi There!

Got up early and Gilbert headed off to our longarm room, to quilt with "Bertha" and I headed off to my sewing studio.

I cut some more "strips" or "logs" for that Christmas quilt. I'm coming along real good with it! I only a few more white logs to cut.....

And then the fun part - piecing the logs together!

Afterwards, I continued to work on my "Bow Tie" Blocks. It's called "Summer Bow Tie Quilt Blocks" and we're supposed to make "One Block Per Day".

Well, my friend, Elaine, kept reminding me this evening on the phone....

"Rosa, repeat after me. ONE block Per Day! ONE block Per Day!"


I now have 42 of these blocks made up!

I'm hoping to get this baby quilt top done, ASAP, so that I can move onto other stuff...

Have a great evening!



Barb said...

Just one block!!! Turning out wonderfully!

Cyn ;-) said...

Atta, girl, Rosa! You go, girlfriend! You are such an over-achiever. I'm just jealous...LOL.
Love you,
cyn; -)