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Friday, July 22, 2011

My Mind Works in Mysterious Ways, Sometimes....

Hi There!

Gilbert and I went to Calais, Maine, to do some shopping!

I picked up some fabric for the back of that batik quilt that I was putting together. Remember that one - the one that I really don't really care for? *s*

Well, Gilbert was in the extra wide bolts of fabric area, I said, "How about we go with blue? Blue's a pretty universal color."

Soooo, we got a honkin' big piece of blue fabric, for this king size batik quilt.

Then, I picked up some fabrics for my latest baby quilt. I think I'll be calling this one "Baby Chicky Quilt".

Here's the colors that I selected.

Then, since I wanted to make some
"Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat" quilts, I picked up these fabrics.
(NOTE: as I searched for this web site to share with all of you, I just NOW realized that the letters are ALL different colors!!!! DOUBLE GROAN....)

Oh well... doesn't matter.

I'll still go with my original plan!

On my way out, I saw THIS "Pez" fabric!

I just HAD to grab it!!!

(Ssssssshhh..... Don't tell anyone - it was speaking to me.... LOL)

The Pez fabric will probably go on the back of some baby quilt... some day.

Then, on my way to the cash, I looked in my carriage and realized,
"Look at all the blues!!!!"

And I'm not usually a "blue" fan, either.

I love ALL colors!!!

And those 3 blues truly ARE almost the same colors, too!

Okay, off to bed!

I promise I've got more interesting stuff to blog about, but it's getting late...



quiltmom said...

Did you go to Mardons? What great fabrics you found- The Pez fabric made me laugh.
Looks like you have some quilts planned.
Happy Quilting!

Terry said...

Hi Rosa, long time no comment...Love all the fabrics you picked up, but the Pez fabric is great, has to be my favorite:) Looking forward to seeing it pop up on your blog in some project :)
Quilty Hugs,