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Saturday, July 23, 2011

It Ain't EQ But....

Hi There!

I had been asked to make a baby chick quilt and yesterday, Gilbert and I went to Mardens and picked up the main colors, of this quilt. I will probably be adding a couple other (minor) colors, as well. (Keep in mind that my camera color skills aren't the best.)

I've been told that when you have a blue quilt, you need to add a touch of green, to make the quilt "sparkle". *s*

Gilbert sketched it out on a note pad and yesterday evening, I filled in the colors.
Once again, the chicks will NOT look quite like these. This sketch was just to give me an idea on where to start.

Well, for a nano-second, I had hesitated on whether to try and use my EQ 5 (Electric Quilt 5) to do the design, but I just know the basics on this program and HONESTLY.... I wanted to sit back, relax, sketch and color... with my brand new box of Crayola Coloured Pencils!!!


I'm still not sure on the corners.

I might change it into corner blocks.

Not sure.

I might even add a blue and green hen, in each corner.

Dunno. We shall see.

"Baby Chicky" quilt's fabric is now washing, as I type this.

Gilbert and I have NO ERRANDS to run this weekend. We're supposed to hunker down. I'll be working on quilts and he's supposed to put a coat of paint on a door that's going in Bertha's room AND spend a LOT of time with Bertha, as well!

Should be a fun weekend!


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