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Saturday, July 9, 2011

It Is What It Is.

Hi There!

Well, if you've been following my blog posts, then you KNOW I was in a frenzy to get this
Blue Bow Tie Baby Blanket
- sorry, I had to make it rhyme - "QUILT" finished, ASAP!

"Why?", you ask.

Well.... just because.

I have TONS of other projects I want to get to!

As soon as I got home, yesterday after work, I started working on the final borders of my Bow Tie Quilt. Gilbert snapped a picture of me and although I would have appreciated if he could have "Photo-Shopped" me into a much SLIMMER person.....

"It Is What It Is",
as my friend Frummie would say.


And IMMEDIATELY after finding a navy blue back for this quilt, I picked up a no-name brand, with few repeats, Jelly Roll.... cut up some of my own stash fabric that matches the colors in this jelly roll for more repeats and started making a Lasagna or Jelly Roll Strip Quilt....

Here's a blog on how to do this quilt.

And yet another example of this quilt.

Yes, yet another baby quilt.

No pictures yet.

Stay Tuned.



Riel Nason said...

I've seen those quilts. I just watched the video and one lady was done in 35 minutes!!!! This is a great way to make a quick quilt for a gift. I think I would cut my own strips ... looks fun.

Susan said...

I see a finish in your immediate future.

The Lasagna quilts are soooo muuuch fun..............

Looking forward to seeing yours.