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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another UFO BItes the Dust!

 Hi There!

Yesterday morning, I finally "found" 1/2 an hour and 
sewed on the label to Bonnie Hunter's "Orca Bay Mystery Quilt".

While sewing on the borders to this quilt, 
I asked Gilbert if he wanted it as a lap quilt. 
He quickly replied, "SURE!!!"

So, he chose the quilting pattern - "Whimsey"
and he also told me that he wanted "Minky" fabric,
on the back of the quilt,
to which I replied, "SURE!!!"

Well, Gilbert picked out the Minky fabric and 
although it really doesn't match the front of the quilt.... 
Eh - Who cares, right?!?!?  
It's HIS quilt, after all!


BTW, we've named this quilt,
"La Minky".

And here it is, 
hung over our stair railing.

It measures 75" X 81".

Yup, it's a big lap quilt
but that's what he wanted!

Besides, maybe he'll share with me,
this winter.

Have a Super Sunday!

I've decided that I'll be taking a
Vacation Day, tomorrow.

Fun in my Sewing Studio!!!



Cyn ;-) said...

Fan-tas-ti-co! Your Orca turned out super. It didn't take you long to pump this out. Excellent. It's nice that you have a "residnet quilter" at your beck-n-call to quilt it. lol. I am in awe of all you accomplish!

Susan said...

I sure am glad that someone is able to complete something.

Really a lovely quilt.

Yvette said...

Wow! That s gorgeous!!!

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Another finished quilt!!! Wow... You are my hero!

It's wonderful Rosa!!