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Saturday, April 14, 2012

February e-Newsletter

Hi there!

I've been posting an e-Newsletter to our local quilty friends and thought I might share with you, what I've been writing.

Here's February's e-Newsletter:



Lil’ Twister:

These last couple of weeks, I’ve been surfing and drooling over the Lil’ Twister patterns. They seem to be all over the Internet! I finally broke down and ordered the Lil’ Twister ruler (small one) and the Twister ruler (big one) as well as the first book, called “Let’s Twist”, from Tina at Town and Country. She said she would gladly order more, if you give her a call.

I checked everywhere – even in Bangor – and I believe her prices are very reasonable.

You can Google Lil’ Twister and browse the Internet yourself but I thought I’d share a few links that I saved, regarding the Lil’ Twister. By the way, one lady on YouTube said that this block was so simple, it was great for Beginners. And, it looks COMPLICATED but it’s not!!! Gotta love that in a quilt! *grin*

YouTube Video:

YouTube Video – better one:


I Googled Lil’ Twister and selected “Images” and here’s what I got:

Another bloggist that made this quilt:

Enough said…. I can’t WAIT for my Lil’ Twister to come in! LOL

Use your stash!!!

Got this email a while back and while “cleaning” my email box, re-read this and thought I’d share…

Another great way to use up your stash - Crumb Quilts:

A YouTube video of Eleanor Burns’ tricks:

Have a great February!

Rosa and Gilbert

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