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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Spring Pick-Me-Uppper!

Hi There!

Yesterday, while getting groceries 
- final Saturday errand of the day - 
I decided to treat myself 
and pick up this Spring Pick-Me-Upper!

Gilbert snapped a picture of me and 
I decided to share it with you. 

My blogging friend, Anna, 
always blogs about the pretty flowers on her table.

Yes, Anna, I was thinking of you when I eyed these flowers 
and thought, "Hey, why not?  Anna does it all the time!"
(or it appears as if she does..... LOL)

Gilbert has been designated as the "Flower Protector", once again.
Everyone knows that I bear the name 
"She Who Kills Plants and Flowers".... 
either by over-watering or forgetting about them, completely.

I have many OTHER talents!!!
Just sayin....


Do you have a Spring Pick-Me-Upper?

Care to share?

Have a Super Sunday!

On my agenda, today?
Sunday laundry.
Sew Studio Time
The "Changing of the Bed Sheets"
Sew Studio Time.
Sew Studio Time.
Playing Sous-Chef with Gilbert, the Chef.
Sew Studio Time.

You get the picture, I'm sure...



Susan said...

I love having fresh flowers..... They are always such a pick me up to look at.....

Barb said...

Your flowers are just wonderful and that certainly would pick me up.

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Lovely Rosa! I also bought myself flowers them on the table or in fact just about anywhere .

Tulips are one of my favorites too!!


Terry said...

Beautiful & birds & butterflies are all
Springtime picker- uppers for me:)