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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some More Pics to Share...

Hi There!

Yesterday, after the meeting, we managed to slip over to the Quebec side and do a little shopping!

No, no fabric or quilt stores but mostly groceries and a couple different and hopefully "good" bottles of wine.

Today, I managed to make 2 Batik Blocks!

According to my magazine,
this one is called
an "Hour Glass Star"

And the magazine people called this one,
a "Double Star" block.

I think I have 3 more stars to do,
buy some more dark green batik,
to put a frame around the last
five (?) blocks.

Yep, I "THOUGHT" I had purchased waaaaaay too much of this dark green batik, for the framing of each block.

Last week, I realized that I wouldn't have enough.


And once I finish the last 3 blocks, add the frames on the remaining blocks..... THEN, I add 2 inch black strips between each block and probably a 6 inch black border, to finish off the whole thing.

Hmmmm... which reminds me. I truly need to check my black/grey plastic tote. Not sure if I have enough black, either!

Later gators!


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