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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another set of hearts!

Hi there!

Sunday morning and I made up another set of hearts! These ones were easy smeasy. Just follow the pattern - no paper piecing and no appliqué, either!

Mind you, yesterday evening I prep'd 2 blocks for appliqués - to do at work this up-coming week, during my break. Of course, I had to sew on them, a bit, after they were prep'd! LOL

Unfortunately, I can't seem to get my pictures to come out with a "true color". Anyhow, this fabric is a dark burgundy, with little "veins" of black, in it.

Got the pattern off the internet, once again. Web addy is:

For those of you that aren't in the "loop", I signed up for a Heart Swap.... and since I ADORE hearts and HATE repetitious, monotous work (AKA boredom), I've decided to do TWO things:
1 - make each heart block differently
2 - make a double one, that I will keep for myself.

If you'd like to sign up for this block swap, you need to be on the DJalternate list (a Yahoo group). Send me an email and I'll then send you an "invitation" to join, if you aren't a member, already.

AND the deadline for signups, for the "Heart to Heart" block swap is the 31st of October 2008.

Now, bear in mind that you don't need to make doubles, like me and yours can be all the SAME block... if you wish. That's YOUR choice.

That's it, for now. Need to do all that boring stuff.... laundry and dishes.... while waiting for the forecasted tropical storm "Kyle", who's supposed to hit our area later this afternoon or evening or night. *keeping her fingers crossed that we'll be okay*


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