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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Heart Quilt

Well.... last day of our 2 week holidays and I decided to go in "ignore" mode today.... ignore dirty dishes, ignore housework... ignore everything except....



As I've almost finished one of my UFO's (the Woven Tumbling Blocks table runner), I figured I could reward myself by starting to work on something a bit more creative, IMHO.....

The "Heart to Heart" block swap.

And, since I ADORE hearts, I had planned on doing them ALL different AND in double -
1 for the swap and 1 for me!!!

And, I decided to blog pictures about them... in hopes that it might encourage others to sign up!

(Picture taken with a flash)

(Picture of 2 blocks, without a flash)

Pattern taken off the internet, at:

(This one is for me. I decided to make a quirky 4 heart block.)

(This block is the one that will be swapped.)

Pattern taken off the internet, at:

Now, this one was too small, for the swap. I suppose I could have gotten it enlarged, on a photocopier... but I decided to "log cabin" around it.

Anyhow, that's about it, for now....

Will add more, as I get them done.


1 comment:

Elly D said...

Hey! it´s the last day of my holidays too. :)
Just waiting to be picked up and taken to the airport. I´m so hot!!! Wrote a bitty on my blog.
Thank goodness for the internet to distract me awhiley!!! I won´t be back home till late Tuesday as we´re staying in Newcastle on Tyne for a few days before heading back north and home. Missing you all!!
Elly XX