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Saturday, September 13, 2008

DJ - The Original 4 "Bikini Bears"

Hi There!

Okay, Thursday evening, I decided that I, too should have the "Bikini Bear" series,
in my Birthday Siggie quilt.

Plus... Everytime I mailed out the "Bikini Bears" to someone, I'd forget to take pictures!

Sooooo, here's MY "Bikini Bears"....

(Bikini Bear)

(Pole Dancin' Bikini Bear)

(Skinny Dippin' Bikini Bear)

(Flirting Bikini Bear)

As I'm all caught up with the Birthday Siggie Swap, and if some of you out there
haven't received the 4 Bikini Bears or even if you just want ONE of them,
please send me an email and I will gladly mail you 1 (or more) of my
"Bikini Bears".... *grin*


1 comment:

Pat from FL & MI said...

Oh you naughty Rosa! Those bikini bears are just too funny!!!

Quilty hugs,
Pat from FL and MI