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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Received a surprise package!!!

Hi there!

Well, yesterday, after we came back from my Mom and Dad's,
there was a BIG package, in our mailbox....

A surprise gifty, from Pat Steapp!!!

*scratches her head and wonders what she did to deserve it*


Thank you SOOOO much, Pat!

Love the fabric, the mug and the HUGE jellybeans!!!

I wish you could have seen the HUGE smile on my face,
when I realized that I was now an
"Honorary Texan"... and not an "Ornery Texan"!!!


Gilbert kept saying, "Wow, that's a REALLY nice cup!"

Hmmm... he'll just have to find himself a pal, in Texas, if he wants his OWN mug!


Just LOOK at these HUGE, JUMBO jelly beans!!!

I was so impressed with them, that I went out to our local "Bulk Barn"
and picked up a few of our (regular) jelly beans, for a photo shoot! *grin*

Then, I played with them.... *VBG*

I, of course, had to taste one, Pat.....

One of these Texan Jelly Beans and you've satisfied your sugar cravings,
for the DAY!!! LOL

Once again, Pat (AKA Cyber Mom), for the delightful surprise!

Will think of you when I'm slurping my morning coffee,
whilst keeping Gilbert at arm's length,
so he doesn't take possession of my new mug! LOL


P.S. Oooops, wait a minute! As per the writing on my mug, do I have to "share the great hospitality of the Lone Star State", and share my mug with him, now!??!?


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cathy said...

You were right. Those are huge jelly beans. I just wanted to let you know that I have tagged yoru blog so others can come and enjoy it too.