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Sunday, September 21, 2008

"WOVEN" Tumbling Blocks

Hi There!

I've decided to share a few pictures with you, about this "WOVEN" Tumbling Blocks table runner, that I've almost got completed.

As of yesterday evening, I have 1/2 the binding hand sewn on it. Of course, I'll post a picture of it, once it's completed. *grin*

Anyhow, in a nutshell, I personally don't care for this pattern... but it's probably just "me". Everyone that's looked at it, LOVES IT!

I figured out, late last night, why I hate it.

1st - it was GOD awful boring, sewing all those long stips... *yawn*
2nd - it was boring weaving these long strips.... *another long yawn*
3rd - I realize that I HATE burgundy. YES, I know - I picked out the fabric and will probably never, EVER select burgundy, again! LOL

That being said, YOU might LOVE monotonous, repetitive work and HEY!! You get to pick the color fabrics YOU would have in this table runner.

Did I mention that's it's "reversible", too?!?? *grin*

Okay... rewind the tape and I'll explain how I got involved with this pattern.

My friend and I took a trip to Bangor, Maine, USA in February. The "Cotton Cupboard" quilt shop had a few of these completed table runners, place mats and even some kind of "star" (same idea, but in a star shape), hung up in their shop. My friend and I fell in LOVE with them... came back to New Brunswick and then, we each ordered the pattern.

In June, since I was going back to Bangor, Maine at that quilt shop and a Woven Tumbling Block course was set up - I attended the course and I learned lots of tips and tricks on how to make the pattern. I "was" going to blog a tutorial, which I've never done before...

Anyhow, here's some pics, with explanations...

(Picture of the cover of the pattern)

(Close up of the name of the pattern.)

(Another close up of the pattern.)

You have to sew a LOT of these long strips and then, turn them inside out. Now, you can buy a kit of "tubes" that turn them inside out, in a jiffy. I used a gadget that Gilbert had. It was a bit more tedious, but worked for me and HEY! I didn't have to buy the tube turner thingy. Didn't want to spend money on a gadget that I might never use again.

Thank goodness, I didn't! LOL

Before turning them inside out, you have to iron the seam flat. Gilbert made me a nice "stick", as you can see in the picture, that sure helped! *grin*

(Picture of me, ironing the seam flat.)

The lady that gave us the course, had 4 (empty) cardboard (fabric) bolts, taped together. You start weaving on the cardboard bolts and NOT on a piece of flannel, as the pattern suggests.

In this picture, I had finished weaving my strips, basted them - did I mention that I HATE basting?!??!... Another reason why I hated this project.... Anyhow, I digress...

I measured everything and in this picture, you see, I'm about to cut off the ends. Long sides already were cut and I had added the side borders.

Here's another picture of the table runner. End borders haven't been added, yet.

Anyhow, I've since added the end borders and machine sewed the binding. Last night, I got 1/2 of the other part of the binding, hand sewn.

Hope to finish it off this evening, while watching some more television. *grin*

Once again, I'll post finished pictures of the table runner.

If you have any questions, give me a hollar at:

NOTE:  Please do NOT write to me and ask me for the directions on how to weave this.  You need to buy the pattern, yourself.  The detailed instructions are in the "pattern".


P.S. Please note that we were told that these "quilts" should ALWAYS be washed in a pillow case! Otherwise, the strips will all get tangled up and you'll have a hell of a time getting them un-tangled.... That's what the teacher told us, anyhow. *s*


Wilma said...

Rosa, I really like this table runner, but not sure I could figure out the weaving. I think that it turned out quite nice.

Wilma said...

hello, i'm new in quilting and i saw one of the woven tumbling tablerunner done this week and felt in love with it. i'm looking for a tutorial on the web but can't find it. Yours is the best view of wath it is like that i found. since you don't like it, would you like to sale your pattern? otherwise, can you tell me how many strips of each color i have to do , to try to do it? i just had a surgery and this would be a nice project. thank you

Del said...

I am starting this project (again). I have made several but lost the pattern. Let me know how you are progressing. Send pics

CindyB said...

In with the new! Now the strips are woven on fusible interfacing so no basting and no tangling, no turning the strips.