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Saturday, June 20, 2009

DJ - And yet 2 more Christmas Blocks!!

Hi There!

Well, I finally found a few minutes
to sit down and upload these pictures....

I managed to do TWO Dear Jane (DJ) blocks,
this week.

Here's A-2, AKA One-Two, Buckle My Shoe.
This fabric was generously donated
by my friend Elly....

And this block is called:
A-9 = Cabin Fever.

Align Center

Okaaaaaay, to you expert Janiacs (that a Dear Janer)....

YEP! it's not "quite" the same, as the original block...
I've added my own little "twist" to this block.
(Actually, I screwed up and my arm hurt too much, to fix it up... LOL)

Once again, it was another lovely piece of fabric
that Elly had sent to me. *grin*

Now, HERE'S an interesting item!

Remember this beautiful Christmas tree???
Cyn had sent this to me, in December?

Well, Thursday, as I was "shopping" again,
in my tote containers and looking for something else,
I came across this.

Ever get a gift that's just TOO cute to use?!?!?

Well, this was one of them!
And, as I always do...
I put the "thing" aside, for a few days, weeks, months or years even....
till I get fed up and say, "HEY! I'm gonna USE this thing!"

Well HELLOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what?!??!???

Her fabric has gold threads ALL OVER!!!!
'Cept for the tree trunk, of course...
and THAT gorgeous brown will probably
be used in some other project....
down the road.


Soooo, Cyn's tree fabric has joined my big zip-lock,
with Elly's fabrics....

And when my arm gets better,
I'll be making some MORE Dear Jane blocks!

Hmmmm.. although, I suppose I COULD cut up some fabric,
with scissors, and do some that are appliquéd, right?!??


Actually, I've got a couple little "hand" thingies
to do and then, YES... I'll probably prep some more
DJ blocks, for evening work.

Later gators!



Cyn ;-) said...

Hey... that turned out great that you've been collecting 'golden' threaded fabrics. Your blocks are wonderful, Ro. This is going to be a terrific quilt!
Glad the 'tree' fit into your plans. lol
You take good care of that arm... perhaps the "G" could cut some shapes 4 ya!
U & I r still NUTs to be up soooo late / early!

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Great blocks Rosa...this is going to be an "heirloom" quilt for sure!Love the fabrics that you have been using...will go through my stash and see if there is anything that you can use too! Hugs,Elaine in SLO, Ca

Elly D said...

They look great Rosa :)) Don't forget to rest that arm you don't want to be making it worse.

I know understand the Dr Flo bit on the mails :))

hugs, Elly, who'll catch up one day