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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Evening and MORE Sparkling Jane Blocks!!!

Align CenterHi there!

Okay, I had DEFINITE PLANS, today....

As I'm starting vacation (1 week),
I made a list of things that I wanted to...
"Get 'er Done!!!!"
(said in a Louis Armstrong rawl, BTW)

Here's my vacation web page:
June/July 2009 Vacation

Anyhow, remember I said I would be adding some
"Midget" Blocks, to this Christmas
Sparkling Jane quilt?

Well, here's Block #1 (Ohio Star)

Another one, in the Midget Block series:

Block # 14 (Gem Block)

And.... another one.....

Block #70 (Four Leaf Clover)

This one is...
Block #7 (At the Depot)

This one is:
Block #12 (Indiana Puzzle)

And, yes, I did some more sashing, too!

Never mind the LONG list of things that I wanted to do....
For some silly reason,
I'm really caught up with this one!

I have about 3 more pieces of sparkly fabric, to use and
my Aunt said she had some that she was going
to give me.

Sooooo.... hopefully I'll be able to make a
fair sized quilt, with this.

And who knows, eh?
I just might put it aside and
whenever I'm in a fabric shop.....
look for that special "sparkly" fabric!




ranette said...

Rosa...your sparkley Janes blocks are so are going great guns on this quilt! Love it!

Elly D said...

My goodness Rosa! For someone who is dying of a cold you've fair knocked up some blocks!! They look fabulous btw :)))) Ellyx
hee hee my security word is drity...

Jeanne said...

Your sparkling blocks are so pretty.

Cyn ;-) said...

Rosa, You are really making tons of progress on Sparkling Jane! No grass [uh,] grows under your toesies! LOL.
Blocks look great. Hugs, /;-)