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Friday, June 26, 2009

Some more "Sparkling Jane" blocks... and some Midgets, too!

Hi There!

Yesterday, even though I wasn't feeling "top shape",
I managed to do (or finish)
4 more blocks.

This one is E-1 (Aunt Exie's Phlox)
from the Dear Jane blocks.

This one is J-11 (Twin Sister).
This one is a DJ block, also.

Now, this one is from the "Midget" block collections
and I honestly don't know which one it is.

If I find the block number, in the meantime,
I'll edit this post.

NOTE: This one is Number 8 (Tricolor Block):

And this one was block #87 (Tempting Tulip)
and I believe it's the last block
in the "Midget" block series.

And I managed to use a very pale blue
fabric with silver, shimmery Christmas trees,
as my background fabric.

I had warned you, that I wouldn't be using "just"
Dear Jane blocks, eh??!?


That's it, for now....

It's now Saturday morning and I'm STILL
sicker than a dog.... just not as bad as yesterday....

Thank you, Lord!!!



1 comment:

Elly D said...

You're doing great for someone who has been feeling off. I really need to sew something today...
Your blocks are fabulous. I like that you're going to be mixing and matching blocks from different projects.
I hope you get well soon my dear friend, sending special bunny hugs
Elly x