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Friday, June 5, 2009

Was Barb House Cleaning?!?!?

Hi There!

My friend, Barb, wrote to me this week.
She was giving me a "heads up" that she would be in my city and would be dropping something off, in my mailbox.

Now, Barb and her hubby moved to my province last year. *grin*

Anyhow, when I came home for dinner - that's our noon time meal - Barb and her hubby had dropped off.... well.... quilting treasures, IMHO!!!!

I asked her afterwards, if she was Spring Cleaning....

She replied, "No!"

Apparently, she had been looking for "something"
and came across these items that she didn't want anymore.

Here's some magazines.... She even took the time to indicate with post-its, in one magazine, where they mentioned the Dear Jane panels (for sale) and a snippet of info, about tourism, in my city.

Apparently, when she was in Florida this past winter,
she had picked up TWO boxes of this stuff -
"Stain Be Gone".

She said that she had couldn't find this box in Canada and had never tried it before.

I'll probably use it when (not "if") I put my Heart 2 Heart quilt, together.
There's a lot of reds and burgundies, in those hearts.

Hey! Anyone out there ever try this product, before?

I'd be curious on your feedback. *s*

She also gave me a pattern that she had received
from a quilt shop, in Florida, I believe.

She didn't think that she'd ever make this pattern, so she decided to pass it on.

Personally, I don't care for the colors,
but I can DEFINITELY see this quilt,
in 30's fabrics, eh?!?? *grin*

Then, since she figured she wouldn't be making any more
Christmas stuff.... she decided to give these to me!


The bottom piece looks like 30's Christmas fabric.
The next one, is Christmas fabric, but with the "gold" designs!
Remember? I'm making a wall hanging with DJ blocks and
"gold" or "silver" threads!!!
Next one, is cute little mittens and tuques.
One up above that one is all SORTS of cute Santas!
Then, cute teddy bears and finally....
one of my favorites....
polar bears and deers and racoons and rabbits!!!!

Here's a close-up of the bears and the deers and the beavers.....

And I think there's enough to make the back of a lap quilt, too!

Now, this piece is AT LEAST 4 yards!!!


Such a gorgeous dark pink, with cute cats, dogs and mice!

She also gave me some leftover batting - imagine that, eh?!?!?


Thanks a bunch, Barb!!!!


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Julie said...

Such cute fabrics - I love the animals too. You must have one heck of a fabric collection!! LOL