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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blocks of the Month (BOMs)

Hi there!

Okay, even though I'm not feeling 100% A-O-K,
I managed to do some fabric sorting,
ironing, fondling/feeling my fabrics,
AND sewing our NEW BOM.

My friend Susan, in Australia, sent me some GREAT ideas!

Thanks to Susan, I now know what I'll be doing with these blocks....
but it's a secret for now. *grin*

I also managed to finish LAST month's
house BOM....

I decided to take a group picture of all
my houses that I've finished, so far.

No, they aren't "squared up", yet....

Will do that, once I've finished all the blocks.


Sunday night and it's only 9h10 p.m.....
and I'm starting to get tired...


1 comment:

ranette said...

Love the houses Rosa!