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Sunday, May 31, 2009

More Gifties - I am SOOOO Blessed!!!

Hi there!

Friday, I received a LOVELY package from my friend, Helen Marie!

I don't think I had any of these fabrics, my friend!!!

Just when you think you have every color or design possible, you get to see some different ones, yet!

They are all so cute and adorable!!!

I especially love the bottom one here,
where the names of the animals or items are marked!
Isn't that ADORABLE?!?!?! *grin*

Here, she even sent me her leftover (scrappy) binding!

What a friend! I get to see (up close) her technique
for scrappy bindings!!!

Once again, thank you SOOO MUCH,
Helen Marie!

I feel soooo blessed, to have such good friends!

And YES, we DO share more than just fabric....



1 comment:

Suze said...

Great fabrics...... When they are in a quilt, they will bring to mind the friend who sent the fabric.