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Monday, May 4, 2009

H2H (Heart 2 Heart) blocks arrived - NOT!!!!!!!!!!

Today, I came home for lunch and WOW!!!!

There was my Swap Mommy's H2H package, in my mailbox!!!

Rushed in and sat down at the table,
as Gilbert had the soup already in our bowls....
and I stole side glances at Swap Mommy's parcel,
right beside me, at the table.

I could see that there was a plastic, see-through bag
covering Swap Mommy's parcel and a white letter.

Here's a picture of the letter....

Well, it was then that I noticed that Swap Mommy's parcel
looked like it was a bit chewed up, and
my anxiety went up a few notches.

I remember thinking,
"Well, I don't care if the envelope is destroyed...
as long as there's nothing missing in there!!!"

Swap Mommy and I had pre-decided that it would be best
if she mailed out my H2H blocks AND
a 30's fabric swap, along with HER 5 "Extra Special"
heart blocks.

Well, I scarfed down my soup, as fast as I reasonably could
and not to raise suspicion with Gilbert -
didn't want him thinking that Swap Mommy's parcel
was more important than his great meal and company!


The first item that I pulled out was a McCall's pattern.

My first thoughts were:
"Now why would Swap Mommy put my H2H blocks, in a pattern package?"

Once I opened up the pattern pattern and realized
that it really WAS a pattern, in that package, my second thoughts were:
"Now why would Swap Mommy send me a pattern and
how does she know my size?!?!?"

Please note that I've never been able to find a pattern that fits me,
as for most of my life I've been either a "square" shape....
or more wide than tall! LOL

Anyhow, for a split second, I thought it was a joke....

Then, I opened up pattern package after pattern package
and it was just that!

A bunch of patterns!!!!

Useless, for me, as I do NOT sew clothes -
have no patience nor need to do that, anyhow!

Then, I found this piece of paper,
tucked in, amongst the patterns and it's then,
that I realized that there must have been
some kind of MAJOR machinery meltdown
and the postal workers tried to put
"Humpty Dumpty together again...."

You see.... Swap Mommy had written "Fabric",
on the outside of her package
and the postal workers figured that
Patterns = Fabric
Fabric = Patterns

Now, we all know that that ain't true, right?!??


After I picked my jaw up, off my kitchen table
and Gilbert and I had a mini conference,
we BOTH realized that WHO KNOWS, eh?!??!

Maybe this Fanny Roux ordered some car parts
and got a box of chocolates....

Maybe Mrs. X ordered herself some love potion #9
and got my heart blocks!

I would gladly mail the patterns to Mrs. Roux,
but is that really what she's expecting?!??


Our Swap Mommy's the BESTEST!!!!!!!!!!

After I wrote to her and explained my INTENSE DISAPPOINTMENT,
she wrote back and told me that she
had an extra set of H2H blocks and she
promised to mail them to me, tomorrow....

Along with some 30's fabrics
and she also promises to make me (again)
her 5 "extra special" hearts....

But I told her, not to worry.....
there was not hurry.

Tks for commiserating with me -
only a quilter could understand this.




Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

I can only imagine how disappointed you looks like the package was blown up on the back! It makes me sick to my stomach...BUT the good news is that it is fixable!!! Huge Hugs, Elaine in SLO,Ca PS: I will take a picture of the package and letter with me to my local post office for them to see the destruction of my package first hand! Never fear...Elena's here!!

Elly D said...

OH NO!!! How awful Rosa! I wonder what Fanny got if anything?
Big Bunny Hugs to you in commisseration. Elly

Pat from FL and MI said...

Oh Rosa! Really? I kept waiting for the punch line of this story! Gilbert destroyed the envelope and switched out the contents as a joke. Something! You really didn't get your hearts or fat 1/8s???? So so so very sad! You who made all different ones for us! I'm singing the lemon song! Glad Elaine can send extra's to you.

viridian said...

How sad and heartbreaking! Write to Mrs. roux anyway. She may have your blocks. Note this was the US postal service that did this. And our rates go up May 11.