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Saturday, May 23, 2009

H2H (Heart 2 Heart) Blocks - FINALLY ARRIVED!!! PART 1

Hi There!

Well, if you've been following my blog,
you MUST know how hard I worked on getting MY hearts mailed out
and how anxious I was, to receive my swapped blocks back...

And then... how crushed I was,
when I received sewing patterns,
instead of gorgeous hearts...

We had a Swap Mommy that went
waaaaaay above and beyond her
"job" requirements...


Anyhow, here are my swapped heart blocks,
for our H2H (Heart 2 Heart) swap.

I've divided up the bundle in half,
and will be blogging twice, on this topic.
(easier for me...)

Soooo, without further ado,
I'd like to present to you...

My H2H blocks!!!!
*applause required*

(always, from top left and clockwise):
Karen Bryant - Love the soft pink hearts!
Hope Kirk - Amazing batik!
Jo Spindle - Perfectly done hearts, Jo!
Helen Stanaitis - Love the "home" fabrics! I'm a sucker for plaids and such!

(always, from top left and clockwise):
Cynthia Hague - Bling and sparkly fabric!!! *VBG*
UPDATE!!! Cyn Forrest - LOVE the dotty fabric!!!
Cindy Temple - Wonderful choice of coordinating fabrics, Cindy!
Cindy Boring - Another excellent choice of fabrics,
with a cute little purple bead, at the top!!!

(always, from top left and clockwise):
Paula Marks - Such dark, rich fabric!
Paula, you did a LOVELY job with your embellishment!!!
Patricia Steapp - These blocks must have taken you FOREVER to do!!!
UPDATE!!! Pat Harrell - I think this is what they call "Fairy Frost" fabrics.... GORGEOUS!!
Norma Schwieterman - INCREDIBLE machine embroidered heart!!!

(always, from top left and clockwise):
Wenche Martinsen - Incredible appliqué work!
Lovely dark, red fabric and
I ESPECIALLY love that little "twist" to your heart -
gives it a saucy look! LOL
Shannon Linde - Cute little hearts, Shannon!
Sandra Bolender - What can I say?!??!
I've never seen this heart design, before....
The fabrics are INCREDIBLE.... including the "Love" fabrics....
and the 2 added charms?!?? Tks for swapping, Sandra!
Ruthie Davis - OH MY GOD!
Here's what Ruthie wrote:
"I found my heart in Shipshewana" made for you with love by Ruthie Davis -
Fabrics from Lolly's, antique doilie from antique store next to Farmstead Inn.
This block is INCREDIBLE!!!!
Love the shiny, gold burgundy fabric, too, Ruthie!

(always, from top left and clockwise):
Rosa Robichaud - That's mine. *grin*
UPDATE!!! - Renée Porlier did these 2 hearts.
Rebecca Hunt - OH MY GOODNESS, REBECCA!!!!
I've never done machine embroidery before,
but your work is INCREDIBLE!!!
UPDATE!!! - Penny Deckhard - Love this cute, machine embroidered heart...

it's early Saturday morning and I don't want to spend
ALL my morning, blogging!

Will try and upload the rest of these
gorgeous hearts, later on...

Have a great Saturday!


1 comment:

Cyn ;-) said...

OK... I confess: I forgot to put the labels on the hearts I made... I did make the labels, though, does that count? LOL. Mine is in the top right hand corner of pic #2: the pieced heart with 'dotty' fabric on the left side of heart.
Confession is good for the soul! LOL. Glad you finally received some hearts, Ro!
The unlabeled heart maker! ROFL