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Sunday, May 24, 2009

H2H (Heart 2 Heart) Blocks - FINALLY ARRIVED!!! PART 2

Hi there!

Here's pictures of my H2H
(Heart 2 Heart) swap blocks
that I received -


(always, from top left and clockwise):
Brigitte Baierl - LOVE your fabric choice, Brigitte!!!
Its actually a burgundy flower, but it looks like exploding fireworks!!
Beverly Sherman - Love the fabric and the (excellent) hand work!
Betty McPeck - I'm sorry, but I'm a sucker for hand sewn blanket stitching!
Barbara Perry - What an ADORABLE cute little "Heart Person"!!!
(still studying your block, trying to figure out that embroidery stitch!!!)

(always, from top left and clockwise):
** DUNNO ** - Such a gorgeous fabric and a paper-pieced job, well done!
Marianna Bergkamp - Marianna, what can I say?!?!? *grinning*
(NOTE: Marianna had previously sent me several different heart blocks, done in this fashion..)
LOVE your choice of thread, too!!!
Lorianne Walker - Love your fabric choice, Lorianne!
Liz Morgan - Liz... I LOVE a scrappy quilt - scrappy hearts are even better!

(always, from top left and clockwise):
Elaine Petrik - LOVE the pink fabric and I just noticed - HEY - the WOW background has hearts in it, too!!! How cool is that, eh?!?!?!?
** DUNNO ** Another scrappy heart with different kind of muslin... unfortunately, the maker didn't give us her name. :-(
Debbie Albers - LOVE your fabric choice!!! Reminds me of a sailor, for some reason! I'll call it my Sailor's Heart.
Deborah Schultz - Such soft, pretty pink fabric! And the machine stitching - OH MY!!!
I've never seen THAT stitching, before!!!
It's too die for!!!

(from left to right)
LunaSea (Anne Tomanelli) - LOVE the hand sewn blanket stitch AND the cute little heart button, too!
** DUNNO ** - Cute heart, lovely fabric.. looks like (very well done) machine'd blanket stitch but once again, the maker didn't give their name, unfortunately.

(always, from top left and clockwise):
Kerry Fondren - Love this heart, Kerry!
Katie Sherman - Once again.... love this one, too, Katie!
Kathy Kirby - WOW! Another original idea! LOVE this one!!
Center piece reminds me of a band-aid.... *grin*
WAIT A SEC! I just re-examined this one!!! It's NOT an extra piece!
Kathy went and fussy cut the middle heart!
WOW! this heart is just TOO adorable!!!!
Kathy Sherman - Fabric choices - LOVE THEM!
Embellishments? What can I say!?!?!

Now, just because.... I took some extra pictures,
to show you closeups of some of these blocks...

Once again, this is Kerry Fondren's block....
Love her fabric choices and it almost looks as if the
pieces (gently) overlap each other....
But no, they're simply paperpieced and then,
the heart is appliqué to the background.

This one is from Kathy Jones.
I loved the funky (and different) shaped heart...
Loved her 2 fabric choices and the cute
little bow-tie rose embellishment, on it!

Katie Sherman!!! You did EXACTLY what I was trying to
wrap my brain around but couldn't quite design it the way
I wanted!
Mind you, yours is 100 times better than what I
wanted to do!!!!

Isn't it the neatest thing about swaps???

You get to examine a girlfriend's work....

To admire, to question (how did she do that?),
to learn and to hold it close to your heart and
cherish it!

Thanks to everyone that participated!

'' The Heart that Gives, Gathers ''
by Mrianne Moore

Ain't that the truth, now, eh?!?!?



Wenche said...

It's so good to see that you finally got your heart blocks :)

Cyn ;-) said...

Rosa, I'm so happy you finally received some H2h blocks from the swap. They'll all be happy at your house!