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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sparkling Jane

Hi There!

Well, that's it!

Call me nuts and paste
a "Certified" sticker, on my forehead!


I've started a 3rd DJ quilt....

Okay, okay... calm down, before you all have a heart attack!


Last year, with our Dear Jane (DJ)
Christmas swapped blocks,
I decided to make a table runner
and 4 placemats....

Since there were too many blocks,
I decided to remove the ones that had
gold or silver sparkly fabric
and do a Dear Jane Christmas wallhanging.

I had a few pieces with gold or silver threads
in it.

Anyhow, here are some of these blocks,
that I will be making my
"Sparkling Jane".

F-2: Kaleidsocope
I finished this one, last week.
It has gold colored polka dots!

A-7: Dad's Plaids
This one, I just finished yesterday evening.
I couldn't resist making "Dad's Plaids",
with this gorgeous fabric! *grin*

Now, the other ones, that follow,
are from the DJ Christmas Block swap.

If yours is here, please accept my
heartfelt "Thank You!"


B-1: Batchelor Buttons

D-6: Challenge

D-7: Meeting Place

D-9: Uncle Richard

K-5: Passing Through

L-2: Stephanie's Snowflake

Cyn's red, sparkly (heart) fabric....

My friend, Cyn, sent me this wonderful fabric!

Yes, I KNOW it's got hearts in it and normally
I'd say this fabric would be ideal for Valentine's day...

But, I'm going to make a Christmas block with it
and add it into my Christmas
"Sparkly Jane"!!!



Elly D said...

AHHH! Now I know... do you just want them in sparkly red and green or any christmas based sparkly fabric... reason I ask is I have some sparkly purple Christmas fabric... as well. hugs Elly

Cyn ;-) said...

Hi Rosa!
What a grand idea and a clever name! Sparkly Jane - love it! Ok, I have some more sparkle fabrics... do you only want reds/greens, or are others like golds, etc, also acceptable? I can shoot 'em up to you as quick as a wink - well, postal system cooperation hoped for. lol

viridian said...

Is this going to be small wall hanging or a 'wall hanging' of 169 blocks, oh gosh, and might as well do the triangles....
I may have to come up there for an intervention!

Suze said...

I agree with you. When it comes to Dear Jane, you can't make just one.