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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gifties from Cyn!

Hi There!

Well, you know when you belong to a chat group and someone posts something about something that you don't have and you know you'll NEVER have?

Well, apparently, on our Dear Jane group, the members were chit-chatting about these special needles, a few months ago. Once again, since I knew that it didn't concern me and probably wouldn't, in the future, I used that special magical button on my keyboard...

Yep, the "Delete" button!


Anyhow, Cyn and our friend, Elaine, apparently met up with Judie Rothermell... IN PERSON!!! picked up this cute tin of needles and asked a special favor from Judie...

Here's a close-up pic, of these needles. Haven't tried them, yet, but apparently they're EXCELLENT for pinning and aligning seams together, sewing machine friendly and are EXCELLENT for appliqué'ing, too!

Here's a picture of the special favour that Cyn and Elaine requested from Judie Rothermell!!!!


I was "stunned" when I read what was on the back of my tin!!!!

Aren't these 2 pals, EXTRA SPECIAL!??!?!


Tried to explain to Gilbert, the importance of the signature on my tin....
till I had to explain it in HIS terms...

ME: Okay, imagine that one of your internet buddies had lunch with Bill Gates, okay?
HIM: Yaaaaaah..... but I don't have any internet buddies. At least not like that.
ME: Okaaaaay... but just try and imagine it, okay?
HIM: Okaaaaay...
Me: And he snail mailed you an External Hard Drive, with Bill Gates, himself, autographing it - with YOUR name, ON IT!!!
HIM: *his eyes lit up* Oh, I see....


Remember my episode with my lost Heart 2 Heart (H2H) blocks,
along with the 30's fabric swap?
Well, Cyn sent me 2 pieces of 30's fabrics and 1 CW fabric piece....
to try and make up for what I didn't receive.
She also has the cutest cards, too!

Hey CYN!!!!
The Swap Mommy has since mailed out a 2nd set of Hearts,
along with a bundle of 30s fabrics!!!!

You really didn't need to do that -
but you're NOT getting them back, either!!!!


Once again, thanks a bunch, my friend!!!!


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Elly D said...

You lucky ducky Rosa!! WOW!! Love the tin...
Of course I'm green as spinach.. ROFL... hugs Elly