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Sunday, May 31, 2009

But Doc, I'm NEVER sick!!!

Hi there!

Well, I'm hardly EVER sick -
I guess this is what's SOOO frustrating!

Actually, I suppose I shouldn't be complaining,
when you hear or read about other people's illnesses -
I'm not really all THAT sick...


Anyhow, 'bout 2 weeks ago, I started getting a sore LEFT arm....

After the first few days, I figured that it must be arthritis.
(NOTE: I'm hardly EVER sick, right?)

What's a little arthritis, right?
I can live with that and besides....
it'll soon go away, right?!?!?

Well, arm pain did NOT go away.

Yesterday morning, my LEFT thumb started getting real sore.

By yesterday evening (SATURDAY),
the LEFT thumb was definitely swollen

(NOTE the left thumb? Skin is not as wrinkled as the right one?)

At this point, I'm saying to myself,
"Self, you might wanna go see your family doctor, on Monday."

Well THIS morning - we're now Sunday, BTW....
Gilbert and I are having breakfast,
when he tells me,
"Did you realize that your eyes are swollen
and that the white part of one of your eyes
is now red?"

No, I DIDN'T realize that my eyes are swollen
and that one of my eyes was actually red....
and by then, I'm startin' to REALLY get worried.

Soooo, to make a long story short,
Gilbert and I quickly finished breakfast and
scooted over to the hospital.

While waiting for the doc to check me out,
Gilbert took a couple pics of me,
with this cell phone.

I told him, "Take a close-up picture of my eye."

I had taken my glasses off, to see my swollen eye better.

Well, Gilbert was chuckling to himself AFTER
he took this picture.

He said to me,
"Hey, you look like those cats or dogs with the


Well, for those of you that are interested,
I now have TWO medical problems - as per Emergency Doctor's prognosis.

I have tendinitis and my eyes are infected -
I forget what fancy medical name he called
the eye infection, but it IS contagious.

And apparently, I WILL survive....
I just need to take some meds and
take care of myself...



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Anonymous said...

How are feeling today, my love. Gilbert should be shot for taking those pictures, but...a picture is worth a thousand words.
Love you,