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Friday, May 8, 2009

H2H (Heart 2 Heart) blocks - UPDATE

Hi There!

Just thought I'd let you know that Swap Mommy P.I. (Private Investigator - LOL), managed to track down, Mr. Hunter - he was the "sender", if you all remember my story.

Anyhow, Mr. Hunter, although amazed that our Swap Mommy was a P.I., admitted that he had mailed off a CD, to Mrs. Roux, in France!

Soooooooo, the plot thickens.

S.M.P.I. (Swap Mommy Private Investigator) asked that Mr. Hunter send an email to Mrs. Roux, to see IF she has received her CD or ....


Maybe she has since received my "H2H blocks" and my 30's fabrics!!!

As it is now, I will hold onto my 6 McCall's patterns, until this mystery is solved, by our S.M.P.I., or several months have gone by. Patterns might end up on the chop block - AKA Ebay. *s*

Oh yes!!! I wanted to thank you ALL for your kind and generous offer, but S.M.P.I. had "another" set of H2H blocks and has since mailed H2H blocks and some 30's fabrics, also... so that I will be able to play with my hearts and fabrics, too! *VBG*

Will keep you all posted on how this all turns out.....



1 comment:

Cyn ;-) said...

OMG... this is quite a saga. Thank heavens you have an SMPI to work it all out. I'll just bet your blocks and fabrics are in France! Wonder if she would ship them to you?! One can hope... keep us posted, Rosa... we're rootin' for ya!