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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lots of HAPPY MAIL!!!!

Hi There!

Got a bunch of "Happy Mail", this week!!!

My friend, Diane, decided to divide her (leftover)
Civil War fabric, in half, and
send me 1/2 of it!!!

I was stunned!!! And even more so,
when I realized that I think there's only
ONE of hers, that I have!
Otherwise, it's all "new-to-me" fabric!!!!

Plus, I also received my Heart 2 Heart Blocks,
AND my 30's "Apron" swap blocks!!!

That was in YESTERDAY'S mail....

Today, I received a WONDERFUL book,
from Elaine!!!

I purposely took a picture of Diane's CW fabrics
and Elaine's book... 'cause I've decided that
I will be making these scrumptious blocks
with Diane's fabrics!!!

What a great "marriage" this will be!!!

And HEY!!! Speaking of great marriages....

This is the book that Elaine sent to me!!!

It's got AH-DOOR-AAH-BULL blocks!!!!

And she also sent me a cute little card....


Remember the package that got chewed up,
by the US Postal system?

The Heart 2 Heart swapped blocks and
the 30's (apron) fabrics?!??

Well, Swap Mommy had promised to send me
ANOTHER bundle.... got them, yesteday, too!!!

She even went and GENEROUSLY added
a few extra pieces from her OWN personal stash!!!

Will post pictures of the H2H swapped blocks, another evening...

Gettin' pretty tired, tonight...

Tks a bunch, everyone!!!!


1 comment:

Cyn ;-) said...

WOWZER! Rosa, you hit a bonanza in your mailbox... that's great! We were all so dissapointed to learn what happened to the H2H blocks & F8th 30s swaps, but Elaine to the rescue. Now you're all set!
And, DIANE... my goodness. When she trims down, she trims down! lol... couldn't have been sent to a nicer person!