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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Elly's Christmas Fabrics!!!

Hi there!

Guess what I got in the mail, yesterday,
from my dear friend, Elly?!??!

Some GORGEOUS Christmas fabrics,
with gold "threads" in it!!!

I've already got 2 blocks prepped,
from my own Christmas fabrics....
just need to get my 2 "Eye-Spy's"
out of the way!

Gorgeous reds!!!

Elly had written to me and asked if I liked purples.

I had replied, "SURE! as long as there's gold in 'em!"

I just wish my photography skills could show
the beautiful RICH colors, of these fabrics!

And look at these scrumptious greens!!!

Tks Elly!

Stay tuned - I will be uploading my
Dear Jane (DJ) Christmas blocks,
as I finish them!

Oh... another thing...
I've been asked if this will be a complete DJ quilt.

And the answer is "NO!!!!!!!!!!!"


Probably a wall hanging, or a lap quilt,
if I get REALLY ambitious!


Have a great quilting weekend!


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